Sunday walk pickup points

When we go North to the Lake District, Yorkshire, Lancashire the pick-up points are:

8.00am Bebington Civic Centre
8.10am The Wiend
8.15am Tranmere
8.20am Birkenhead Library
8.30am Victoria St Liverpool
8.35am Walton Church
8.40am Black Bull, Warbreck Moor
8.45am Old Roan


When we go South to Derbyshire, Wales, Shropshire or Staffordshire the pick-up points are:

8.10am Penny Lane Old Post Office
8.15am Kut & Bill Shop Smithdown Rd
8.30am Victoria St Liverpool
8.35am Birkenhead Library
8.40am Tranmere
8.45am The Wiend
8.50am Bebington Civic Centre